Web application


Connecttal headed with enriching, enhancing and empowering through a career management portal to guide one’s entire career. It is an online platform developed to enhance your skill level and encourage you to land on your dream job by improving and educating on a daily basis in gaining insight into the next steps in the career. Once join with Connecttal, companies will approach you if your criteria are satisfied for the job roles not only in Sri Lanka but for the Dubai market as well.



As the recruiting process was not only based on Sri Lanka but also in Dubai the major problem was finding the capability of interviewing applicants for a job role. The main concern was to overcome this barrier in spite of the area where the applicant and the recruiter lives.



The main challenge was to adhere to the requirements needed by the client, that the web application should be developed such that it is compatible to be used in many electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones and so on and along with this, permission of the devices to access the camera for the video interview. Authentication from Connecttal was also needed to be verified for the users as they were registered through the connecttal website.


Despite all the challenges faced online video interview web application was developed with Angular5 which was used for the front end. Web RTC was used for real-time video communication while the backend was developed using Google Firebase. JWT authentication was used to authenticate with Connecttal credentials.